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Upgrade your ride

with cutting-edge technology

Upgrade your keys with a transponder chip today. It has a small radio frequency device that transmits an electronic signal from your key to your engine so no other key can start your automobile. This anti-theft system disables the engine control unit temporarily if the signal isn't transmitted from your specific key.

Reap the benefits

Enhance your vehicle with high-tech equipment to prevent unauthorized use of your car engine. Predators won't be able to break your ignition lockout or hotwire it. Further, another key not associated with your car can't accidentally be used to start your automobile because each transponder has a unique electronic signature.

Receive fair and honest prices

• Inventory ranges from $25 to $300

• Prices are equal to or less than dealership keys

• Helpful advice about the cheapest prices around

• High-tech programming of the key to the car

• Programming ranges from $30 to $40 per session

• Knowledgeable answers for any questions

• Service throughout Riverside and its surrounding communities

• Over 19 years of professional experience

As an AAA service provider, our ALOA certified locksmiths go above and beyond to ensure you're 100% satisfied. Always expect premium materials, affordable rates,

and old-fashioned courtesy.

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